The NCLF Minecraft Server has been in operation since September 28, 2010.  The servers are semi-private cooperative (mutual combat allowed) no-grief servers.

Please join the Discord first or you may be banned from the server if we can't learn who you are.


The server runs out of Azure US West 2 (Washington, USA) on a D4as_v4 (4 VCPU, 16 GiB RAM) and costs roughly $70/month to operate.  Donations to keep the server running are encouraged and appreciated.  You can donate however much you feel comfortable.  For donations of less than $3/month please use one of the one time donation options, Patreon destroys anything less than $3/month with fees unless you're grandfathered in (I'm not):

Connection Info

  • Vanilla Survival:
    • Live Map
    • A bedrock proxy is also available on port 19132
  • Vanilla Creative: